[alsa-devel] Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE Mic problem

Grega Fajdiga Gregor.Fajdiga at guest.arnes.si
Wed Nov 24 14:38:57 CET 2010


I am using Ubuntu 10.10 with a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE.

The snd_ca0106 module is loaded.

I have a Y-connector plugged in the green front left/right jack
so that I can listen at the sound through speakers and the
headphones at the same time. The microphone is plugged into the
blue jack, consistent with the sound card specs:


I go the sound working after getting a tip that both the digital
and analog mixer might be turned on. After turning the digital
control off, sound started to work.

However, mic still isn't working in Linux, although it works just
fine in Win 7.

There are 7 input mixers available in alsamixer:

-Line-in: set at 81/81 volume
-Mic: 100/100
-Phone 81/81
-Aux: 0/0
-Analog Source: set to Mic (no VU meter)
-Digital Source: set to AC97 in (cannot seem to be muted)
-Shared Mic/Line in  set to Line in

If I set both Analog Source and Shared Mic/Line in to Mic, I get
screeching sounds from speakers and headphones. If I set one of
them to Line in and one to Mic no sound is played back after I
record some sound.

Can anyone help?

Grega Fajdiga
Hacquetova 5
1113 Ljubljana
GSM: +386 40 923 635
E-pošta: Gregor.Fajdiga at guest.arnes.si

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