[alsa-devel] trigger_stop and buffer overrun

Radivoje Jovanovic radivojejovanovic at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 17:59:07 CET 2010

Is there anu way to tell what is the last position in the buffer filled by
ALSA during the trigger stop callback? The hardware I have is playing sound
but if I turn the DMA off when trigger_stop is executed I will not hear the
end of the file at all. It seems to me that I would have to setup the
hardware to stop playing at the specific address.
On the other hand if I play longer sounds or a song I notice that the song
is skipping a lot and 1 minute sample is over in 20 seconds so it seems to
me that the buffer is overflowing. the pointer callback reads correctly the
current DMA position from the hardware so I am confused how the overflow
happens. Is there any other way ALSA tracks the position where to write the

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