[alsa-devel] Mixer volume/decibel mapping

Sebastian H. vand2 at gmx.de
Thu May 20 11:20:18 CEST 2010

Am Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010 10:01:37 schrieb James Courtier-Dutton:

> There should be a one to one mapping.
> If the hardware has 200 steps on the volume scale, and those 200 steps
> are published to the user.
> With the dB scale, there will still be the same 200 steps in the dB scale.
> The dB information simply helps the user interface convert each step
> into a dB value.

Dear James and Clemens

Thank you for the quick response :-). 
This is the piece of information I was looking for.

Best regards,
Sebastian H.

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