[alsa-devel] ALSA Control Interface - default values?

Max Klein mein_name at ist-einmalig.de
Mon May 10 15:35:16 CEST 2010


when writing an alsa driver, in the info callback of the control I can specify which range of values this control does accept (uinfo->value.integer.min and .max). If I put 1 as minimum and 10 as maximum for example, I would expect that the default value of this control is something in between the range, e.g. 1, after the driver is loaded.

But I figured out, that ALSA initializes the control with a value of 0, which is not in between the range.

Can someone please tell me why ALSA initializes the Control with a value of zero, even if the minimum in the info callback is 1 ?

Is there any way to initialize the control with some "default" values, aside of snd_ctl_add()?

Best regards and thanks for your help!
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