[alsa-devel] Problem adding support for digital mixer in codec

Candelaria Villarreal, Jorge jorge.candelaria at ti.com
Thu Mar 25 03:33:54 CET 2010


I am trying to add support for a digital mixer. The digital mixer is
connected like the following example:

Path 1 -------\
Path 2 --------\
		    MIXER ------> DAC----> ...
Path 3 --------/
Path 4 -------/

However, I think ALSA does not support this configuration, as the DAC
should be the first element in a route. I tried adding the DAC to the
route first, and connected its output to the mixer inputs, like this:

	  {"Mixer", "Multimedia Ext Switch", "HSDAC Left"},
        {"Mixer", "Multimedia Ext Switch", "HSDAC Right"},

        {"Mixer", "Voice Switch", "HSDAC Left"},
        {"Mixer", "Voice Switch", "HSDAC Right"},

        {"Mixer", "Multimedia Uplink Switch", "HSDAC Left"},
        {"Mixer", "Multimedia Uplink Switch", "HSDAC Right"},

        {"Mixer", "Multimedia Switch", "HSDAC Left"},
        {"Mixer", "Multimedia Switch", "HSDAC Right"},

But this does not seem to work. Can anyone give me some tips? Any comment
would be appreciated.


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