[alsa-devel] HDMI output with headphone jack sense possible on Conexant CX20561?

Andrew Udvare audvare at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 20:05:25 CET 2010

My audio codec is Conexant CX20561 (Hermosa) (haven't been able to find 
anything about 'Hermosa' on the Wiki).

I'd like to be able to do a few things which I have not been able to do with 
tutorials I found on the web:

- Whenever I plug in headphones, HDMI output is muted and headphones are 
  - Right now, the way I do this is by manually editing /etc/asound.conf to 
have the following (commented out makes headphones work, not commented makes 
HDMI work without any headphone/laptop speaker output)

defaults.pcm.card 0
defaults.pcm.device 3

where 3 is my HDMI (IEC958 2; no idea what IEC958 1 is for) output. So I have 
a switcher script that does the commenting and uncommenting. Would be nice if 
this could be automatic (even if alsa had to run such a script on detecting 

- Route audio output (PCM) to input (for mixer recording) (Intel HDA cannot do 
this apparently by default (thanks DRM), needs some hacking around?)

Information from alsa-info.sh: http://www.alsa-

Are my model options correct?

And if it's important to know, I build ALSA in-kernel. Is this not 
recommended? I know at the very least it makes it such that I have to reboot 
to make any new options to take effect.

Thanks all
Andrew Udvare
audvare at gmail.com

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