[alsa-devel] aconnect patch

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Mar 15 15:32:25 CET 2010

Dear lieven,

Am Montag, den 15.03.2010, 14:04 +0100 schrieb lieven moors:


> Please let me know what you think about this patch, and if you think my reasoning is sane...

thank you for your work. Unfortunately your MUA mangled the output.
Could you please resend without linebreaks.

It looks like you used `git format-patch` already. Great! You can also
use `git send-email` if you plan on submitting more patches [1].

Anyway, could you also add a `Signed-off-by` line (`git commit -s` or
`git format-patch -s`) and add a more descriptive summary as `aconnect
-x: Do not update index after removal of connection.`. (This is just
taken form your summary.)

Please make sure when resending to not this by »[PATCH v2]« in front of
your subject line, e. g. `git format-patch --subject-prefix="Patch v2"`
(see `git help format-patch`).

Thanks again and sorry for the long response,


[1] http://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/GitTips#Using_gmail_to_send_your_patches
[2] http://elinux.org/Git_usage#Sending_with_Gmail

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