[alsa-devel] PROBLEM: SIS7019 stops recording after 42 min

Hans Schou linux at schou.dk
Mon Jun 21 21:04:29 CEST 2010

2010/6/21 David Dillow <dave at thedillows.org>:
> On Mon, 2010-06-21 at 19:42 +0200, Hans Schou wrote:

>> cmdline is now:
>> arecord -B 250000 -F 125000 -c 1 -r 44100 -f S16 -M -D hw:0,0 -v arec.wav

> This really makes me think the system just cannot keep up. Can you post
> the initial output to verify that it is getting two periods per buffer,
> please?

Then I have to run it again. I do not have it on the screen anymore.
I will do that after the test I'm running now - as mentioned before.

I have turned on my signal generator with 400Hz. I will give it a try
with listen to it, to hear any clicks when the overrun occur.

> Also, does it do the same without the -M ? And you may wish to try
> longer and shorter periods to see if you get so many overruns.

> Also, what storage are you using? Does it support DMA? PIO modes can be
> very slow...

On a daily basis I use USB flash memory stick and have done this more
than a year but always less than 42 min. Right now I'm using old 4GB
external hard disk connected through USB.


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