[alsa-devel] Open source UAC2 sound card for UAC2 driver testing

Alex Lee lee188 at singnet.com.sg
Wed Jun 9 16:00:24 CEST 2010

Hi all,

We are developing an open source high speed USB sound card.  Please see:


for details.

With the alpha-1 hardware, we are doing development and testing of the UAC2
firmware against the latest alsa driver here.  We have already demonstrated
96khz 24bit stereo capture with UAC2 and we will proceed to 192khz soon.

Alpha-1 has an ENOB of at least 20 and we hope alpha-2 will have an ENOB of 22
or better.  Alpha-2 kits are available for order now.  (Note that these are
prototype kits for experimenters only.)

With both the UAC2 driver and the sound card firmware being open source, we hope
to expedite full UAC2 spec compliance.  We are already working closely with
Daniel Mack on the testing.


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