[alsa-devel] [PATCH 1/3] EP93xx: Add i2s core support

Ryan Mallon ryan at bluewatersys.com
Wed Jun 9 01:26:49 CEST 2010

Mark Brown wrote:
> On 8 Jun 2010, at 20:27, Ryan Mallon wrote:
>> Okay, I have Liam and Hartley's acks on this one and Liam's on 3/3.
>> Mark, do you want to apply the other two patches to your tree, or should
>> they go via the arm tree?
> I don't urgently mind for patch 1 since there's no build time dependency - in order to avoid possible merge issues in the ARM tree it's as well if it goes that way, though I can pick it up if it makes sense for you guys to keep stuff together and you don't anticipate colliding with any work in the arch/arm code for the CPU.
> Patch 3 I'll apply to ASoC tomorrow, it depends on the I2S driver for the CPU which is most definitely ASoC (and it's going to get caught up in the multi-CODEC API changes soon as well so would get build issues in -next if merged via a different tree anyway).

Patch 3 at least has a dependency on patch 1 for some #defines and the
ep93xx_i2s functions calls.


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