[alsa-devel] New release of amidicat program, connecting MIDI to stdin/out

Josh Lehan alsa at krellan.com
Tue Jun 8 09:35:04 CEST 2010

Hello.  On the mailing list a few months ago, mentioned a program I had
written, then called "midicat".  Found out there's another product by
that name.  So, the new name of the program is "amidicat".  The "a"
prefix also clarifies that it's an ALSA program.

It's a program that connects the ALSA MIDI sequencer to standard input
and output.  Among other things, this is fun for prototyping quick MIDI
one-liners on the command line, such as "echo 903C7F | amidicat" to play
Middle C.

I have made a new release of the program, which is basically unchanged,
except for a few bug fixes (thanks to Valgrind for discovering a minor
memory leak).  The biggest improvement is that there's now a manual page
and a DocBook documentation page.

Here's the webpage for amidicat, if interested:


The download is there.  Have fun, and thanks for reading this.

Josh Lehan

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