[alsa-devel] PROPOSAL: Layer Signal Processing Architecture

Florian Faber faber at faberman.de
Thu Jul 29 22:52:01 CEST 2010

On 07/29/10 22:20, Ilya D wrote:

> it's not to replace ALSA, but just to bring a different approach for
> design engineers of professional audio applications.
> we all know that these days a lot manufactuares chose Linux
> for their Mixing Consoles (such as Midas, Lawo, Calrec and others),
> also other products use Linux, but there might be only a few who use
> ALSA (as far as i could find out there rather NONE in pro-audio Linux devices).

What for would I use ALSA in a mixing console? In a mixing console I
control the user interface and a bunch of external DSP units.

Besides, audio interfaces become less important in pro audio with
upcoming transport over ethernet.

> ALSA had been designed for conventional sound-cards (largely) also there
> drivers for RME, DigiGram and other pro-interfaces,
> but the hardware is still proprietary and it isn't quite flexible.

What do you want to say with the latter? They are just interfaces, what
more should they do?

> Another motivating factor is upcomming completition of AVB ethernet
> standard from IETF/IEEE, there had been no publicaly avaliable code
> for this, nor i could find any discussions of how it could be
> implemented in Linux. However i have contact with a professor Richard
> Foss from Rhodes University, and there they have implemented a library
> and packet generator for AVB, though they haven't yet published this code.

You cannot do AVB in software.

> There also hasn't heppend any wide adoption of OSC, and may be OSC is
> not that great?

That depends on the job. For the purpose you stated - no it is not.

Machines can do the work, so people have time to think.
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