[alsa-devel] Smart 5.1 function not working on VIA VT1708S with *three* jacks on mainboard

Simon Schubert 2 at 0x2c.org
Thu Jul 22 22:36:13 CEST 2010

Viliam Kubis <viliam.kubis <at> gmail.com> writes:
> Oh my god!! It actually works!!! :) At first speaker-test was not working,  
> but with
> Finally! My audio experience is now at a whole new level. Thank you very  
> much, I will post this patch to alsa-bugtracker and close the bug, I was  
> starting to think that this is a kernel problem, but now it just works  
> Maybe you can add this patch to official alsa-driver version on next  
> release.

This patch makes 5.1 analog surround work for me.  I'm using an ASUS P5Q-VM DO 
which has a VIA VT1708S.  The mainboard has three analog jacks in the rear and 
an on-board jumper for two front jacks.


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