[alsa-devel] Help required regarding Capture & palyback code for ALSA

Reena Chauhan reena.nith at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 11:09:03 CEST 2010

I m new to ALSA programming ..
i have follow the Guide "Introduction to Sound Programming with ALSA" to
make code for capture & playback.when i have compiled the code for capture i
dont know from where to give the input. in the Guide it is written that "If
you have a microphone connected to your sound card, use a mixer program to
set the recording source and level. Alternatively, you can run a CD player
program and set the recording source to CD. Try running Listing 4 and
redirecting the output to a file" i dont know how to use the mixer program
but I dont know how to do it to capture some input given by me & playback it

thanx & Regrads

Reena Chauhan
Application & Baseband Platform,
SBSG ,DEAL,Raipur Road

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