[alsa-devel] Kirkwood SoC - AVB support questions ..?

errordeveloper at gmail.com errordeveloper at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 22:01:17 CEST 2010

Hello dear ALSA developer list members,

I have a question regarding hardware features of Marvell Kirkwood chip.

I is known that the NIC core on the chip includes support for Ethernet
AV Bridging, which is still a draft standard ..but i suppose that
Marvell released this chip with quite functional AVB implementation.

grepping the sk98 driver code actually shows numerous lines with AVB as
well as PTP, so i suppose they have implemented IOCTL in the sk98 driver
..i'm still doubtfull about Linux kernel PTP implementation ..is there
now in some form or not?

Did any of you have a look at AVB ?
how do you think the driver for it could fit into Linux Netdev and ALSA?

How are the CobraNet and EtherSound drivers designed, has anyone used
those cards ?? (one was from DigiGram and another from Audio Science IIRC)

Ilya Dmitrichenko 

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