[alsa-devel] How much of the X-Fi (emu20k1) chip has Creative documented?

Chris Rankin rankincj at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 23 23:04:12 CET 2010

--- On Mon, 18/1/10, Brendan Pike <spike at spykes.net> wrote:
> HWMix also exists and works perfectly,

The last time someone assured me that a card supported HWMix, it turned out that he was using dmix without realising it.

Can you confirm that you can still play two sounds concurrently with the following $HOME/.asoundrc file, please?

pcm.XFi {
    type plug
    slave {
        pcm "hw:0"

So you would run the following command simultaneously across two terminals:

$ aplay -D XFi <wav-file>



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