[alsa-devel] [PATCH] ARM: DaVinci: Audio support for DA850/OMAP-L138 EVM

Ambrose, Martin martin at ti.com
Wed Jan 20 23:12:31 CET 2010


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> On DA850/OMAPL138 the McASP AMUTE pin is multiplexed with UART2_RTS.
> As a consequence, I believe, of the below additions when the kernel is built with
> SOC audio support the ttyS2 console stops accepting input after boot.
> Moreover on the EVM the AMUTE pin is only connected to headers AFAICT.
> Specifically I think the DA850_AMUTE pin can be removed from below without
> any loss of audio functionality while preserving console input.
> > +const short da850_mcasp_pins[] __initdata = {
> > +	DA850_AHCLKX, DA850_ACLKX, DA850_AFSX,
> > +	DA850_AHCLKR, DA850_ACLKR, DA850_AFSR, DA850_AMUTE,
> > +	DA850_AXR_11, DA850_AXR_12,
> > +	-1
> > +};

Looking more deeply I see that the board setting intent is
to use UART2 in 3-wire mode with no flow control. After setting
my serial port appropriately I don't see a problem with leaving
AMUTE as a McASP pin.

Sorry for noise.


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