[alsa-devel] [PATCH 2/2] Davinci: DM365: Enable DaVinci Voice Codec support for DM365 EVM

Miguel Aguilar miguel.aguilar at ridgerun.com
Tue Jan 19 21:47:16 CET 2010

Hi Mark,

I have a specific doubt about the codec_dev element snd_soc_device struct of the 
DM365 EVM.

Since I have two codecs on the EVM, I have two snd_soc_codec_device structures:

* AIC3x

struct snd_soc_codec_device soc_codec_dev_aic3x = {
	.probe = aic3x_probe,
	.remove = aic3x_remove,
	.suspend = aic3x_suspend,
	.resume = aic3x_resume,

* Voice Codec

struct snd_soc_codec_device soc_codec_dev_cq93vc = {
	.probe = cq93vc_probe,
	.remove = cq93vc_remove,
	.suspend = cq93vc_suspend,
	.resume = cq93vc_resume,

But I can set only one at a time in the dm365_evm_snd_devdata:

/* evm audio subsystem */
static struct snd_soc_device dm365_evm_snd_devdata = {
	.card = &dm365_snd_soc_card_evm,
	.codec_dev = &soc_codec_dev_aic3x,
	.codec_dev = &soc_codec_dev_cq93vc,
	.codec_data = &aic3x_setup,

So in case what is the proper way to do this?


Miguel Aguilar

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