[alsa-devel] ALSA DMIX support without MMAP ?

ANISH KUMAR anish.singh at samsung.com
Wed Jan 13 10:46:36 CET 2010


I am working on android and and in our device we use ALSA.

 I  have enabled dmix support for andoid as by default android doesn't have this plugin enabled and soon will post it in android forum however i have run into some problems.Hoping takashi can help me out on this.

Problem is when i am trying to use dmix plugin i am not getting any sound (logs shown below).Is it because i don't have mmap mode support on my device???

If yes then can't dmix work without mmap mode???   Logs shown below:

Entered s3c24xx_pcm_hw_params,
Entered s3c24xx_pcm_hw_params, line 330
Entered s3c24xx_pcm_mmap
Entered s3c24xx_pcm_prepare
Entered s3c24xx_pcm_enqueue
Entered s3c24xx_pcm_trigger
Entered s3c24xx_pcm_pointer
Entered s3c24xx_pcm_pointer res_value[0]
snd_pcm_update_hw_ptr_pos xun: [0]occured XRUN!

Normal playback and recording is fine if i dont use dmix plugin.During my normal playback and recording i don't use mmap as i preallocate DMA memory  and use them.


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