[alsa-devel] Speakers won't turn off, when headphones are plugged in

Joern Bernhardt joern.bernhardt at gmx.net
Mon Jan 4 17:36:26 CET 2010

Hi there,

my speakers won't turn off, when I plug in headphones. I've tried all of 
these models:

   ref           Reference board
   ref-no-jd     Reference board without HP/Mic jack detection
   3stack        D965 3stack
   5stack        D965 5stack   SPDIF
   5stack-no-fp  D965 5stack without front panel
   dell-3stack   Dell Dimension E520
   dell-bios     Fixes with Dell BIOS setup
   auto          BIOS setup (default)

Some of these only had sound when headphones were plugged in (speakers 
didn't work at all) or when they were plugged in the microphone jack.

My laptop is a HP HDX 9000 and my alsa-info script output is here:


Thanks for helping,


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