[alsa-devel] playback delay and problems with simultaneous playback/capture

Max Klein mein_name at ist-einmalig.de
Thu Jan 7 16:49:54 CET 2010

concerning the first point, I did some measurements...
the file I used has a length of 1488 ms

trigger start jiffies=7466937
trigger stop  jiffies=7468172
difference = 1235 (1235 ms)

pcm prepare jiffies 2=6761125
trigger start jiffies=6761126
trigger stop  jiffies=6762361
difference = 1235 (1235 ms)
trigger stopped, buffer empty, stop decoder jiffies=6762684
difference = 323 (323 ms)

so I was wondering, why the difference between trigger start - stop
is not 1488ms but 1235ms. I still guess that it may is a wrongly updated
pcm pointer?

Thanks for your help,
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