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Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 00:52:09 CET 2010

2010/2/24 Clemens Ladisch <clemens at ladisch.de>

> I wrote:
> > > > jmal8295 wrote:
> > > > > And I _will_ be regarding it as regression if I lose possibility to
> > > > > change volume of the four streams independently.
> >
> > Okay, I'll see if I can extend alsamixer ...
> Well, those controls are quite hardware-specific, and I always wanted to
> try out the Python wrappers, so I wrote a separate application.
> Honza, if you have a new kernel and the latest released alsa-lib and
> alsa-python packages, please try downloading the latest alsa-tools
> snapshot from <http://www.alsa-project.org/snapshot/> and check the
> hwmixvolume tool.
> Regards,
> Clemens

The characteristic of the VXS Volume controls are changed after the type of
the controls are changed from IFACE_MIXER to IFACE_PCM

extend alsamixer seem break the definition of those  IFACE_PCM PCM Playback
Volume control since the driver should reset IFACE_PCM PCM playback volume
to 0dB whenever the subdevice is opened since most of the alsa applications
don't check whether the sound card support hardware mixing

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