[alsa-devel] Troubles using the external SDK

Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 01:27:53 CET 2010

>> Anyways. I want to know how you'd do this.
>> The OSS driver for example doesn't even seem to define a delay()
>> which strikes me as odd.How can it know about the delay?


This plugin converts the ALSA API over OSS API.  With this plugin,
ALSA native apps can run on OSS drivers.

The function supported by this plugin is limited.  For example, you
cannot use dmix together with this plugin.  Don't expect too much :)

Please note that this plugin require a real OSS driver , not ALSA oss
kernel emulation

e.g. you can use this oss plugin to use the aureal binary driver
http://aureal.sourceforge.net/ [^ <http://aureal.sourceforge.net/>] on
Fedore Core 1 when alsa au88x0 driver was not written

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