[alsa-devel] snd-powermac @ G4 DA (PowerMac3, 4) - headphone detection doesn't work

Douglas Mencken dougmencken at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 17:20:58 CET 2010

I can hear sound with internal speakers only if I plug headphones
jack, without plugged jack, there's no sound at all; to listen thru
headphones, I need to half-insert that jack and this leads to
distortions; with h/phones jack plugged fully, no sound in phones, but
sound in internal speaker. With the same half-plug, in OS X I head
sound both via h/phones and internal speaker.
Driver: snd-powermac. Audio card: Tumbler @ i2ca @ KeyLargo i2c (I can
provide the full dump of OpenFirmware device tree).

As <gnubien> at #alsa @ irc.freenode.net suggested, I ran `alsamixer
-c 0` and MM-ed 'Auto Mute'. After that, I can fully plug h/phones
jack and enjoy full sounds w/o distortions but still can't get any
sound when it's unplugged.

The result of running ./alsa-info.sh:
Your ALSA information is located at

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