[alsa-devel] Verifying mixer dB data/Invalid dB data from USB cards, especially Aureon 5.1 MkII

Mark Brown broonie at opensource.wolfsonmicro.com
Tue Feb 16 16:49:19 CET 2010

On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 04:40:16PM +0100, Lennart Poettering wrote:

> Now, what Jaroslav listed above suggests that he chose carefully where
> he put 0dB. I was just wondering about that. Jaroslav, how did you
> choose where to put 0dB?

FWIW all the drivers I do take whatever the datasheet says the
gain/attenuation range is for the control in question.  For most modern
embedded CODECs there will be multiple user controllable gains in the

We really need to get an API for exposing path information to userspace
to fully describe what's going on here.

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