[alsa-devel] Since kernel-2.6.32, alsactl fails to restore defaults

Pacho Ramos pacho at condmat1.ciencias.uniovi.es
Sun Feb 14 15:05:07 CET 2010

I originally reported this issue downstream to:

Later to kernel:

And they told me that this is an alsactl issue, since it's not exiting
with 0 when it notices that the device doesn't need special quirks:
# alsactl -f /var/lib/alsa/asound.state restore
Unknown hardware: "VIA8237" "Realtek ALC658D" "AC97a:414c4781" "0x147b"
Hardware is initialized using a guess method
# echo $?

What could I do? Thanks for helping me, if you need more information,
simply ask me for it :-)

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