[alsa-devel] DMA interrupt not getting triggered(nailed the problem need solution)

ANISH KUMAR anish.singh at samsung.com
Mon Feb 8 12:17:01 CET 2010

>If the initial hardware state happens to result in LRCLK being where the
>lrsync() function is trying to get it then the driver will start up, but
>the misclocking of the configuration will result in ALSA detecting an
>error which will eventually result in a restart of the audio stream.
Mark in my case it is not restarting the audio stream(though it is trying to call trigger again for restarting) 
because in s3c_snd_lrsync function again i am getting time out(ETIMEDOUT).

iiscon = readl(s3c_i2s.regs + S3C_IISCON);
if (iiscon & S3C_IISCON_LRI)

This LRI register bit is not getting set properly causing timeout.How this situation is not coming always(4/10)??
And who should suppose to set it?

If my machine driver had a problem then this should have come always??

Thanks for your reply.


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