[alsa-devel] Tegra driver silent running on linux-next

Stephen Warren swarren at nvidia.com
Wed Dec 22 07:21:40 CET 2010

Stephen Warren wrote:
> I've made the Tegra audio driver compile against ALSA's -next, and it seems
> like it's working; the files in /sys/kernel/debug/asoc contain everything
> I'd expect, aplay -[lL] list what I'd expect, aplay runs without errors
> and completes after the expected about of time, same for speaker-test.
> However, the headphones are completely silent.

Bah, it's working now. Tegra wasn't driving anything on the codec's MCLK input.
I thought I'd checked all the Tegra clock programming, but obviously not well

(and for reference, the DAPM/routing calls I added weren't actually required)

Sorry for the noise.


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