[alsa-devel] [RFC/PATCH v6 03/12] media: Entities, pads and links

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Tue Dec 14 14:31:55 CET 2010

Laurent Pinchart wrote:
> On Monday 13 December 2010 17:10:51 Clemens Ladisch wrote:
>> TYPE_EXT describes entities that represent some interface to the
>> external world, TYPE_INT those that are internal to the entire device.
>> (I'm not sure if that distinction is very useful, but TYPE_SUBDEV seems
>> to be an even more meaningless name.)
> SUBDEV comes from the V4L2 world, and I agree that it might not be a very good 
> name.
> I'm not sure I would split entities in internal/external categories. I would
> create a category for connectors though.

I'm not disagreeing, but what is actually the distinction between types
and subtypes?  ;-)

>> * Entity properties
>> There needs to be a mechanism to associate meta-information (properties)
>> with entities.  This information should be optional and extensible, but,
>> when being handled inside the kernel, doesn't need to be more than
>> a read-only blob.  I think that something like ALSA's TLV format (used
>> for mixer controls) can be used here.  (I'm not mentioning the X-word
>> here, except to note that the "M" stands for "markup".)
> I've been thinking of adding a new ioctl for that. It's something we need to
> draft. The UVC driver will need it, and I'm pretty sure other V4L2 drivers
> would find it useful as well.

I'm imagining a "read-the-properties" ioctl that just returns the
entity's blob.

>> EXT_SPEAKER also includes headphones; there might be made a case for
>> having those as a separate subtype.
> Shouldn't headphones be represented by an EXT_JACK_ANALOG ?

Headphone jacks are jacks; there are also USB headphones.

>> EXT_BROADCAST represents devices like TV tuners, satellite receivers,
>> cable tuners, or radios.
> There's clearly an overlap with V4L here.

These come from the USB audio spec.  Video devices are indeed likely to
be more detailed than just a single audio source. :)

>> INT_CONTROLS may have multiple independent controls (this is USB's
>> Feature Unit); INT_EFFECT may have multiple controls that affect one
>> single algorithm.
> I'd describe this as a feature unit/processing unit then.

I was aiming for more descriptive names, but I agree that the original
names might be more useful.

> Should we have an AUDIO category ?

Probably not, because there are combined audio/video jacks, any maybe
other entities.

>> * Entity specifications
>> While TYPE_DEVICE entities can be identified by their device node, other
>> entities typcially have just a numeric ID.
> In V4L2 sub-devices have (or rather will have once the media controller
> patches will be integrated) device nodes as well, so exposing that information
> is required.

USB and HDA entities already have numeric IDs.

>> For that, it would be useful to make do without separate identification and
>> let the driver choose the entity ID.
> How would drivers do that ? What if you have two instances of the same chip
> (a video sensor, audio mixer, ...) on the same board ?

Then those would get different IDs; USB descriptors always describe the
entire device.


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