[alsa-devel] Handling non-buffer-sized MMAP requests

louis at museresearch.com louis at museresearch.com
Thu Dec 9 22:34:41 CET 2010

Hi everyone, I'm having some difficulty improving a full-duplex MMAP ALSA
routine.  ALSA sometimes reports more samples available for input than my
buffer can take, or asks for more samples than I have available.  Is this
a buffer overrun/underrun?  If I restart the streams in the case that too
much input is available (on the assumption that it's an xrun) it seems to
happen at the drop of a hat and makes things worse.  If I discard the
excess input, that doesn't work well either.

What is the appropriate way to deal with this situation?  What does it
mean that ALSA is offering me more samples than I have set for the buffer


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