[alsa-devel] Questions about alsa driver for i.Mx27 + wm8974: playback time shorter than the original record time

Jie Jiang jjinfo at nudt.edu.cn
Tue Aug 31 18:57:39 CEST 2010

Then how about imx-ssi driver's support for mono capture?
Does anybody succeed to do this?

I try to capture an aux input into a mono wav file, what I get in the
wav file is not correct. But when I try to record with "arecord -d 10 -c
2 -f S16_LE -r 8000 -t wav foobar.wav", the wav file is much closer to
the aux input audio, although still not the expected result. Is it the
same possible reason that affects mono channel capture?


On 二, 2010-08-31 at 09:21 -0700, Randolph Chung wrote:
> >
> > Yes, it seems to be this reason that causes problem.
> > When I playback a stereo wav file(8kHz,16bit, stereo), everything goes
> > well.But when trying to playback a mono wav (8kHz,16bit, mono)file,
> > problem stills exist.
> >
> > What's the possible reason for incorrect handling of mono file?
> > How to solve it so I can playback mono file correctly?
> The imx-ssi driver does not support mono-channel playback. I've also
> looked at this a bit but couldn't quite figure it out. Maybe Sasha
> (cc'ed) can give some pointers?
> randolph

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