[alsa-devel] How to transfer more than 2 channels between i.MX25 & AD1938 using SSI?

Sven Zeisberg sven.zeisberg at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 26 17:30:18 CEST 2010


has anybody succeeded to transfer more than 2 audio channels between 
i.MX25 and a CODEC throught the i.MX25 SSI Port?

We have succeeded to set the CODEC (AD1938) as Master to the required 
mode (TDM with 8 Timeslots and 32 Bit per Timeslot). However, as soon as 
we start to play a wav file with aplay, we can see on the logic analyzer 
that the data format on the SSI lines is reset to a stereo mode (2 
channels with frame sync changing level between channels).

In the imx-ssi driver, I can see that .channel_max = 2 - therefore my 
question: does this driver support more than two channels at all?


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