[alsa-devel] 5.1 surround on 3 jacks (retasking)

Keith Chew keith.chew at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 21:45:45 CEST 2010


I have a small-form factor PC (KingYoung brand, model S645), which has
3 jacks connected to a Realtek ALC888 chipset. I have confirmed with
the manufacturers the pin outs:
1) The front panel left side phone jack : Codec Line2-L & Line2-R (pin
14 & pin 15)
2) The front panel right side phone jack : Codec Mic2-L & Mic2-R (pin
16 & pin 17)
3) The back panel phone jack : Codec Front-L & Front-R (pin 35 & pin 36)

I would like to update patch_realtek.c in alsa-drivers, to output 5.1
surround using these 3 jacks.

Can someone give me some guidance on how I can do this? I have looked
and studied patch_realtek as much as I can, I just need some help in
getting started.


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