[alsa-devel] Problem with USB Class 2 Audio Driver

Demian Martin demianm_1 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 21 02:40:22 CEST 2010


I'm testing an early sample of the Wavelength Wavelink, a USB to S/PDIF
adapter that supports 44.1-192 KHz sample rates and uses async usb to talk
to ALSA. It works and plays all of the sample rates correctly with the git
version of Alsa from 7/30/2010 whenthe files are sourced from the network.
However if I try to play from a usb source to the usb dac it doesn't work
and the whole system gets unstable.  The platforms I have tested it on seem
to have a single USB host interface but with USB 2 there should be enough
bandwidth to pass the data from a USB stick to the cpu and back. If I use an
older 96 only usb dac on the same system it works (unless the down
conversion isn't a direct divide, which overloads the CPU, but that is a
different issue). The problem seems to be sample rate independent and hits
the moment I try to access the file. This is using MPD as a player.


What additional info do you need to troubleshoot this? Is it an intrinsic
limitation to the interface? What additional tests should I do? It's
possible it's a hardware issue but how do I divide them so I can go back to
the hardware guy if it's his issue? 


Demian Martin

Product Design Services


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