[alsa-devel] Extern dsp device

Christoph Kuhr christoph.kuhr at web.de
Sat Aug 14 23:14:26 CEST 2010

Hi everybody,

In my bachlor project im planing to realise an outboard fpga dsp  
device connected by gbit ethernet and driven by alsa.

The idea:
computer system with linux rt kernel, extra gbit ethernet if and for  
example rme hdsp 9652  audio if.
Outboard fpga with gbit if and DSP routines (PureD ata Engine?)

Now the fpga board is connected via gbit eth, the kernel gets it and  
inserts the gbit ethernet card into the audio signal path.
Managed with and alsa driver, cooperating with the snd-rme9652.
With a gui sending OSC to the fpga board, controlling the dsp.

Goal: zero-latency routing and dsp

Do you think this strategy might work?


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