[alsa-devel] [PATCH 0/5] ASoC: Fix smdk64xx-wm8580 problems

Seungwhan Youn sw.youn at samsung.com
Fri Aug 6 02:13:12 CEST 2010


This patch serise fix some problems in smdk64xx board when it use
I2S with wm8580.

 o ADC source clock setting is set to use MCLK, It makes that
   wm8580 cannot make BCLK and LRCLK for playback and capture.
 o When application set some sampling freq. - 8kHz, 11.025kHz,
   audio doesn't work correctly with broken sound. Because
   wm8580 always set BCLK_RATE and LRCLK_RATE as a default value
   , BCLK_RATE - 256fs and LRCLK_RATE - 64 BCLKs per LRCLK. So,
   BCLK_RATE and LRCLK_RATE setting on wm8580 is not match to
   make these sampling freq. on wm8580 master mode.

So, to solve these problems, this patch apply followings:

 o Support ADC source clock setting on wm8580.
 o Enable to select BCLK_RATE and LRCLK_RATE value on wm8580.
 o Fix smdk-wm8580 machine code to support new features of wm8580.

The following patch series contains:

[PATCH 1/5] ASoC: wm8580: Add to support ADC clock source setting
[PATCH 2/5] ASoC: S3C64XX: Add ADC source clock setting
[PATCH 3/5] ASoC: wm8580: Fix Master Mode BCLK rates names
[PATCH 4/5] ASoC: wm8580: Add to support Master Mode Rates
[PATCH 5/5] ASoC: S3C64XX: Fix to support BCLK, LRCLK rates setting



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