[alsa-devel] [PATCH 4/4] ASoC: tlv320dac33: Support for turning off the codec in BIAS_STANDBY

Peter Ujfalusi peter.ujfalusi at nokia.com
Fri Apr 30 13:42:32 CEST 2010

On Friday 30 April 2010 13:55:25 Ujfalusi Peter (Nokia-D/Tampere) wrote:
> Now, if I use DAPM_SUPPLY attached to the DAC:
> If the codec has been brought up because the loopback is enabled, than the
> dac33_prepare_chip will be called twice: once from dac33_pcm_prepare, and
> then from the SUPPLY event.
> This might be also the case if I use the post-DAPM prepare (or pre)

And I admit that you are actually right (and I was wrong) :D

By adding SND_SOC_DAPM_PRE widget to a codec, and move the former content of 
dac33_pcm_prepare function to PRE_PMU event works like charm.

It is called all the time, when the stream starts/restarts.
So I'll get rid of the dac33_pcm_prepare, and clean up the dac33_set_bias_level, 
and resubmit the series.

Thank you Mark for guiding me to the correct direction!


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