[alsa-devel] PCM multi A/V Sync bug on SMP system

Keith Chew keith.chew at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 21:28:59 CEST 2010

> Please advise how can I track down this problem in code, happy to make
> changes and test.

After further investigation on the soucecode, it appears that the
default surround51 for the driver ca0106, uses "multi" to the 3
devices/outputs on the card. So "multi" does work fine on an SMP
system. The timing problems are only introduced when "multi" is
combined with "dmix" for 5.1 channels.

I would like to help out in fixing this, but need a little bit of
guidance from the experts here. Have I identified the problem
correctly? Ie interaction between "multi" and "dmix" on a 5.1 channel
card giving timing issues on an SMP system? If it is unlikely, I will
investigate other areas.


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