[alsa-devel] Help! Need to switch between normal speaker and BT headset dynamically

ANISH KUMAR anish.singh at samsung.com
Tue Apr 6 13:37:02 CEST 2010

As my question is related to the query what pradeep is asking and mark brown also suggested to me to use PA.
I have some additional questions regarding PA which i would like to clarify before starting:

1.Does PA have good resampler code if my hardware doesn't support resampling?

I have a system where we are using ALSA as the base and on top(application side) of it there is a thread running which 
is pumping data and this thread is started by java code.Combination of LINUX+JAVA.
This thread can perform these tasks:
1.Resampling for some rates.
2.Talking to PV framework to get the decoded PCM data and pumping audio data to alsa.
3.Routing support using asound.conf file.
Can i replace this thread with PA by writing some wrapper over PA??
What extra features PA is going to provide additionally if i start using PA other than what is listed above??As i know 
PA is kind of sound deamon which my thread is not.

Is there any good resampler code which i can use without any licensing problem  and which can be 
easily integrated???

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