[alsa-devel] CA0106

Lars Schotte lars.schotte at schotteweb.de
Thu Apr 1 16:31:31 CEST 2010

Clemens wrote that "
The CA0106 is supported, and
> used on several cheap Sound Blaster cards, e.g. the SB 5.1 VX
CA0106 is supported, but I looked at the website and there is:
	Details 	[PCI] Digital/Analog input does not work yet.
	Needs more development work. 

so ... that seems like line in doesnt work yet, but on the unofficial
is "
Capture from MIC an LINE IN input. 
so looks like that already works, but maybe recently.

that could be relevant to me as far as not buy a VX when I want to make
it work on debian stable w/o changes, but however, I could install the
git version or a snapshot. its just not clear all.
Lars Schotte @ romy

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