[alsa-devel] line in recording w/ alsa - suggestions for a snd card?

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Thu Apr 1 15:47:58 CEST 2010

Lars Schotte wrote:
> does anybody have a suggestion for a sound card PCI-internal that
> works w/ ALSA and records HQ from line-in that can be used for
> digitalizing?

There aren't that many PCI chipsets.  The CMI8738/8768/8770 chips have
the DACs and ADCs integrated and aren't very good (although the 68/70
are noticeably better).  The ICE1712/1724, CA0106, X-Fi and CMI8788
chips are purely digital and must be combined with separate DAC/ADC
chips, which usually are quite good.

The X-Fi is not supported very well.  The CA0106 is supported, and used
on several cheap Sound Blaster cards, e.g. the SB 5.1 VX.  The ICE1712/
ICE1724 chips are used in many models; see the .h files in
(The "ICE1723" is a low-end model, and I don't know if it's supported at
all).  The CMI8788 is used on the Asus Xonar cards; the D1/DX/D2/D2X/ST/
STX are supported; the DS is partially supported in the latest kernel.


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