[alsa-devel] line in recording w/ alsa - suggestions for a snd card?

Lars Schotte lars.schotte at schotteweb.de
Thu Apr 1 15:19:31 CEST 2010

hi folks,
i ve given up on that problems w/ recording because it leads to LQ
recordings in the best case. so does anybody have a suggestion for a
sound card PCI-internal that works w/ ALSA and records HQ from line-in
that can be used for digitalizing?
frankly, as long as it would work money isnt important but on the other
hand it doesnt need to be 192 kHz one for >100 eur. so as long as the
card does record HQ in 44/48 kHz would be perfectly OK and the cheaper,
the better.


Lars Schotte @ romy

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