[alsa-devel] (AT91RM2000 - ARM) Driver that puts data over SSC to FPGA

Michel Müller mimu0006 at stud.fh-kl.de
Tue Sep 22 15:04:51 CEST 2009


I am trying to write an ALSA-driver that puts the audio data over the 
SSC channel to the FPGA. This FPGA routes the Data to the AD/DA chips.

I tried to figure out how I can do this with the ASoC Interfaces but I 
am currently stuck. Currently there is an Atmel SSC and PCM Interface 
that I can probably use. If I want to use the ASoC API I need to have a 
Codec Driver. But I don't have direct access to the codec.

How should I proceed? I have 2 possibilities I think: Writing a Codec 
Driver / Writing an Alsa Driver as described in the guide of Takashi Iwai.

If I write a character device that transfers data to the FPGA over the 
SSC I can hear sound, but I want to use ALSA because the use of audio 
applications will be easy and flexible.

Thank you in advance!


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