[alsa-devel] Ethernet AVB - XMOS reference desing

errordeveloper at gmail.com errordeveloper at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 16:12:14 CEST 2009


I m just getting my head around the whole lot of ethernet audio
protocols avaliable, it's a big deal of brands really ..

but now it looks like there will be a new rather standard protocol -
ieee802.1 ethernet AV bridge.

here is a reference design which includes driver source-code.
i haven't quite figured is tha tlicene is comptible with gpl really..
but i suppose you don't need to use that code, just look at it as a
piece of documentation ..

it could be so great to have ethernet audio in linux!

i have seen the audio science interface and draver exists, but they are
using cobra-net ..which is probably good, but it's not as
standard as ieee AVB.

here you can find an article about the current status of the protocol
http://prosoundnewseurope.com/pdf/PSNLive/PSNLive_2009.pdf (page 28)

best regards,
ilya .d 

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