[alsa-devel] hda-intel missing mixer channels

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Mon Sep 14 14:26:40 CEST 2009

At Sat, 12 Sep 2009 14:04:13 +0200,
Orm Finnendahl wrote:
> Hi,
> I sent this to alsa-user a week ago but didn't get any reply. Does
> anybody know, what is responsible for the missing faders? Did the
> driver change or is it some module loading mechanism in the distro
> which prevents the faders from showing up in alsamixer? This is so
> strange. Please help!

What faders?

Anyway, try to use the latest version of alsa-driver.  Your version
is pretty old, and no merit to debug.


> --
> Orm
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hi everybody,
>  after the last update of Ubuntu (intrepid to jaunty) on my Lenovo
> Ideapad my microphone input doesn't work anymore (neither internal nor
> external). I found out that alsamixer lacks quite a lot of faders in
> the newer kernel/module compared to the older one. Some of the faders
> now unavailable were crucial for Mic input to work on the older system
> so I'd very much like to get them back ;-)
> Some more infos: 
> Soundcard:    Intel 82801G (ICH7 Family)
> Chip:         Realtek ALC269
> Module:       snd_hda_intel (in both kernels)
> Older kernel: Ubuntu stock 2.6.27-14-generic
> Newer kernel: Ubuntu stock 2.6.28-13-rt
> Is there any way to make the missing controls available or did the
> driver change and I have to compile the older driver for the new
> kernel?
> Yours,
> Orm
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