[alsa-devel] No sound with C-Media CMI8788

Ozan Çağlayan ozan at pardus.org.tr
Wed Sep 2 15:03:15 CEST 2009

Clemens Ladisch wrote On 02-09-2009 15:23:
> I wrote:
>> In the file sound/pci/oxygen/oxygen_lib.c, after the line containing
>> "subdevice = oxygen_read_eeprom(chip, 2);" (about line number 262),
>> please add the line
>>   printk(KERN_INFO "subdevice ID: %04x\n", subdevice);
> I think the cause for your unknown subdevice ID is that your card does
> not have an EEPROM chip.  (This is a feature, it saves you $0.25!)
> In this case, adding the following lines at that place should make
> the driver load correctly:
> 	if (subdevice == 0xffff)
> 		subdevice = 0x8788;


I'll prepare patched drivers and try to get feedback from the
complaining users. Just a side note: Both user confirms that the cards
was working when they were using the 20081203 snapshot. So it should
have been broken between that one and May 09.


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