[alsa-devel] [alsa-announce] ALSA 1.0.21 release

David Favor david at davidfavor.com
Tue Sep 1 18:22:46 CEST 2009

To -> Kernel + ALSA Guru.

I'm trying to understand exactly how ALSA updates work.

Specifically I'm using Ubuntu Karmic (Kernel is 2.6.31-9) and I'm
interested in testing all the X-Fi card driver fixes which are listed
in the ALSA 1.0.21 release notes.

Someone clarify the process of how ALSA and Kernel updates work.

 From the 1.0.20 Upgrade Guide it appears ALSA drivers are deposited
in /lib/modules/... as part of the upgrade process.

Can someone verify this for me.


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