[alsa-devel] [USB] alsa-lib 1.2.21[a] broke USB audio buffering - regression

Shawn Starr shawn.starr at rogers.com
Thu Oct 29 23:49:53 CET 2009

Hello ALSA developers, 

I seem have noticed a problem with USB audio buffering. Prior to using *buntu, 
which uses ALSA 1.2.20 I had no problems with using my USB webcam for audio. 
When I switched to Debian, which uses ALSA 1.2.21a I noticed USB audio became 

The device in question is a QuickCam Pro 9000 webcam.

I can confirm this to be the case since taking the 1.2.20 source and 
rebuilding it on Debian causes the audio choppiness problem to stop.


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