[alsa-devel] Developing and cross-compiling an ASoC driver

Szabolcs Erki szabolcs at szabolcserki.com
Thu Oct 22 17:05:02 CEST 2009

> Please don't top post, it breaks the flow of discussion and removes
> context from your reply.

>> Ok, so ASoC is totally platform-independent, there is no patch to be
>> applied against ASoC in order to make it feasible for the target. Is

> ASoC itself is platform independant.  It does require drivers for the
> CPU, CODEC and board that it is to be used with.  You mentioned that you
> are using an Atmel processor which does have CPU side support in current
> Linux versions though the ADC you mentioned doesn't.

>> it correct? In this case I have to compile it in the kernel, using the
>> gcc-arm-elf cross compiler. How to do that? Hard copy the files and
>> hacking makefiles together?
>> Because the descriptions I found applied to installing ASoC on a desktop environment, like
>> Ubuntu.

> ASoC is part of the standard Linux kernel, just build the kernel as you
Good to know. I'm going to look deeper into the kernel config.

> would normally.  As I said in my previous mail people working with the
> same embedded Linux distribution as you are would be the best people to
> ask about this, it is not at all ASoC or ALSA specific.

Ok, I will ask them. But I still hope that someone in the ALSA list faced
the same problem.


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