[alsa-devel] Problems with newest alsa driver on 2.6.30 kernel - unknown symbols

Christian Steffen c-steffen at web.de
Sun Oct 18 16:44:55 CEST 2009

Hi there,

while an older version of alsa drivers is working fine with my kernel
2.6.30, the newly compiled modules can't be inserted properly.
I compiled snd-had-intel modules for my kernel 2.6.30 and tried to
insert/start them.

dmesg returns me:

[  106.209451] snd_hda_codec: Unknown symbol __snd_printk
[  106.210340] snd_hda_codec: Unknown symbol snd_hwdep_new
[  106.212211] snd_hda_codec: disagrees about version of symbol
[  106.212217] snd_hda_codec: Unknown symbol snd_pcm_hw_constraint_step

Any idea?


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